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Top Reasons to Move from Toronto to Bowmanville

Top Reasons to Move from Toronto to Bowmanville

Back in the early days, Bowmanville is a place covered by farmland. But, changes happened through the years and now, it has become a vibrant city that already has its very own one of a kind downtown core. The best thing is that despite all the recent developments, Bowmanville still managed to retain its laidback country appeal as this is still surrounded by the rural areas with the Lake Ontario flowing serenely at the southern tip of the town. Its downtown area also abounds with rows after rows of restaurants, retail shops and entertainment. When you browse through, you are sure to find a lengthy list of new homes to choose from to give you a chance to live in this developed yet peaceful residential community. You can also get renovations done like finished basements

The Bowmanville Zoo is among the most popular attractions of the town. This is considered as the oldest private zoo in the entire Canada which serves as the home to a lot of celebrity animals that were already featured in different Hollywood films. If you are an outdoor buff, the nearby Darlington Provincial Park offers a lot of recreational activities like swimming, camping, hiking, and fishing.

Bowmanville is known for being a family-friendly town and out of the different community events, this hosts three of the main festivals in the warmer months, while the two main events are held when the weather gets cooler. Summer and spring events include the Maple Festival, Fabulous Fifties Festival, Midnight Madness and All That Jazz. The winter and fall events include the Apple Festival & Craft Sale as well as the Moonlight Magic which features the lighting ceremony of the Christmas tree. The Bowmanville Santa Claus Parade is also held every year, specifically on the third Sunday of the month of November, a tradition which started in 1961.

Downtown Bowmanville also became better and better through the years with the pedestrian friendly curb bump, new interlocking brick sidewalks, and the historical lighting which make your simple downtown shopping a delightful treat. You can even park at any of the municipal lots for two hours for free. The historic downtown Bowmanville has all the things you can ask for, from designer clothing to antiques seen from the easily accessible and picturesque main street. With the bus service of the town stopping at the very heart of the greater business area, the wide array of services and goods available and the friendly local merchants, there is simply no need for you to do your shopping anywhere else.

Bowmanville is also dubbed to be a bedroom community since the majority of its citizens are working outside of the town and they commute to their work in the nearby Oshawa and majority in Toronto. These residents commute either through GO Train, the commuter train leaving from Oshawa or using Highway 401. Many of the people are working for their employers in Oshawa as well as other areas of Durham. The most notable of which include the Ontario Ministry of Revenue, two post-secondary schools in Oshawa, General Motors in Oshawa and the Lake Ridge Hospital.

When you have finally decided to move to Bowmanville from Toronto, don’t forget to check out for the best options available.

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